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About the Show

This show takes a holistic approach to finance and directly reflects how each of our hosts approach business. We have found too often in this world that to the man with a hammer, the world is a nail. That’s okay as long as you also have enough skilled people around you so that you have an entire toolbox. We strive to answer questions and approach situations with that big-picture philosophy.

The bottom line is that this show is about money: how to save it, grow it, protect it and make more of it. We welcome your calls and e-mails regarding taxes, finance, legal questions or whatever else may be the topic of the day.

We regularly bring guests onto the show who have an expertise that we do not possess, so that you are getting the best advice we can possibly bring you. Our guests have included realtors, appraisers, college finance directors and political figures.

Meet “The Dough Family”

The Dough family is a fictitious family that we have created in order to help our listeners understand the practical applications of the information we provide through real-life examples. In this continuously unfolding fable, the Dough family has won a weekly consultation with us to discuss their financial future for an entire year, and we invite you to learn with them about how best to use and save money in all areas of their life.

Meet the Dough Family:

Parents: Chuck and Chelsea Dough
Children: Charles Jr. (CJ, age 14), Christie (age 12), Chase (age 6) Chad (age 6)
Occupation: Local Bakery Owners
Income: Combined $100K annually
Additional: Home owners with one rental


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